Our Technology

Arita Plastics with its continually innovative technology
by designing and manufacturing complete extrusion
& co-extrusion thermoplastics sheets
based on market trend.

Main Extruder Features

From the range of 1mm to 12mm
From 800mm to 2100mm
More than 600 tones per month
Monolayer, Co-extruder 2 or 3 layers
Architecture & Roofing, Interior & Furniture, Technology/Communication, Lighting/Illumination, Signage/Advertising Design, Automotive, Medical & Sanitaryware, Safety/Security

APLAS optical grade products are producing in cleanroom with Italian extrusion technology.

Our technology with Omipa extrusion lines have an even greater value, applies together with Japanese Asahikasei methodology of material handling & quality inspection. We emphasized management of high output & high speed, with all the related aspects: lifespan and resistance of the materials, low maintenance, precise tolerances, consistent color vibrancy, most importantly mirror finishing as same as glass.

To serve our customers better, Arita Plastics offer thermoplastic sheet products in a wide variety of sizes, colors and patterns, as well as customized “Online Run-to-Size” dimensions, special patterns and thicknesses.

Arita Plastics well maintained, ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards throughout our processes.

Processes including a fully integrated manufacturing system that converts acrylic resin into acrylic sheet. From manufacturing through customized product offerings, QC checking, packing, and shipping, Arita Plastics promise to delivering the highest quality products and service to its customers around the world.

Empower APLAS optical grade product with hardcoating technology.

Arita Plastics hardcoating line set up to be the first hardcoating line in the SEA. One stop solution of manufacturing together with hardcoating cutting down time consuming and product contamination, enhance product quality with anti scratch solution, suitable for high-end target market.

The ‘Art’ of thermoforming and vaccumforming for different profession.

Arita Technoform, a subsidiary under Arita Group of Companies, processing where the plastic is in a sheet form, is heated to soften and then placed into a mold. Within each process of thermoforming and vaccumforming there are an incredible amount of tribal knowledge and tips and tricks. Arita Technoform is well experienced for this value added forming services and has been appointed to form several big projects.

Save the environment by own repelletizing system.

Arita Plastics guarantee own raw plastic materials before and after produced are properly sorted and contaminant free. We maximize the value of the plastic pellet and resin investment to the best solution for your business needs, including repelletizing imperfect parts, and adding addictive and colorant if requested. We cutting down waste and cost and turn it into profitable and efficient use of material.

One stop solution technology services designed for market.

Arita Plastics provides a wide range of services, appealing to a number of different industries.
These includes :

  • Manufacturing high quality extrusion sheets in a dust free environment.
  • Manufacturing cost effective sheets for general purpose industries.
  • Customized cut into size on finish products.
  • Thermoforming and vacuum forming products.
  • Hardcoating technology.
  • Repelletizing systems.

Test Report for A-PLAS PMMA Acrylic Sheet


Airborne Sound Insulation


Light Transmittance


UL-94 - Flammability


Ignitability – Class E


Impact Strength